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During times of extreme stock market volatility the Financial Endemic Networks (CNBC, Bloomberg, Fox Business) activate extensive editorial coverage and go commercial free for an extended period of time.

Rick Davis Financial Media Group conceived an innovative, never-before executed “Real-Time Editorial Sponsorship” with the Financial Endemic Networks. This strategy aligned its client TD Ameritrade, with 100% SOV during commercial free coverage to capture engaged viewers as money in motion moments unfold!

Stock Market Ticker Prices Scrolling Background 3d Illustration


The U.S. Stock market suffers historic volatility and sell-off

The DOW lost 12% the last week of February 2020 marking the worst weekly performance since the financial crisis. In addition, the 30-stock DOW posted its biggest one-day loss ever Thursday February 27th, 2020. Amidst investor and trader fears over the Coronavirus impact on the global economy and corporate profits, the Financial Endemic Networks launched unprecedented commercial-free coverage that lasted through March!


  • Sponsorship leveraged unprecedented 100% Share of Voice (SOV)

  • Competitive (SOV) was reduced 20%-25% by commercial pre-emptions

  • Sponsorship strategically aligned with TD Ameritrade record trading volumes

  • +60% Media ROI versus same quarter YOY

  • Media Innovation draws National Trade Publication Article

Historic Brand Exposure during (FE) Commercial Free Programming (2-24/3-27)

181 Hours of Commercial Free Programming that included
TD Ameritrade Branding

1,695 In-Content Banners, Augmented Reality Billboards and
Real-time Ads in Editorial Space

526 Minutes of on-screen TD Ameritrade Brand Messaging