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First-to-Market concept activates TD Ameritrade brand during CNBC, Fox Business, and Bloomberg real-time breaking market news coverage.

  • 100% share of voice (SOV) for 30-60 min (commercial free) 
  • Exclusive TD Ameritrade Sponsorship for FY’19
  • 24 sponsorships activated during 1Q. (market volatility)
  • Sponsorships align with TD Ameritrade high trading volume

Case Study

TD Ameritrade Capitalizes on Market Volatility to Lift Brand and Trader Engagement

On August 5th 2019 the stock market rapidly dropped over 700 points on China trade fears.

Financial Networks activated coverage, sponsored by TD Ameritrade.

Through this market moving event TD Ameritrade launched 44 sponsorship banners with 100% SOV on-screen branding. 

At the end of the day, the DOW recorded its largest decline of the year while TD Ameritrade experienced a record day of trading volume, 1.3M shares.

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