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Rick Davis Productions, Inc. is second to none when it comes to providing the most cost efficient broadcast and digital media plans on CNBC, Bloomberg and Fox Business!

How ? Simply, no other agency or buying service can match our longevity and expertise in this financial media niche.

For over 20 years we have leveraged our marketplace knowledge.

Bottom line, we know rates, we know supply and demand inventory, so we’re able to negotiate the best media plan possible.

Couple this with our low commission fees, and no buyer can put together a better plan, period.

Maybe that’s why when financial advertisers seeking an agency/ media buying firm ask these networks who they would recommend, Rick Davis Productions, Inc. is the top choice!

And we don’t stop there, Rick Davis Productions, Inc. has created, negotiated and integrated several unique valued driven sponsorships that separate our clients from their competition.

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Media services include:

-National, regional and spot market buying

-Client/Product Analysis

-Competitive Analysis

-Media Research

-Media Recommendation

-Media Negotiation

-Media Placement

-Results Analysis